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About Us

Ejoy is the Safe Family Entertainment Center. The biggest climbing wall in kuwait is only available at ejoy. Going out in Kuwait can be a fun-filled experience for the entire family. But the question often arises of where to enjoy & eat in a remarkable place, particularly when getting out with young children who are picky eaters or easily bored then you should check out our great Safe Family Entertainment Center & Its restaurant “eJoy” that is not only “kid-friendly” but “kid fun” too.
For families with very little ones, eJoy Entertainment Center at eMall is just the place where mom, dad, and kids can enjoy a nice time and meal together. eJoy picks range from sit-down and food court-style restaurant to themed entertainment center, the clean interior and soft decoration give the center a relaxed, intimate atmosphere, the plenty of arcade and video games the playground with the greatest prize counter ever plus the highest contemporary climbing wall in Kuwait where all family members has the choice for great time and experience. Best of all, eJoy restaurant offer a rich menu with a big range of international food & sweet choices; Also eJoy has diaper changing stations in the restroom; so we’re sure you’ll find eJoy the place to add to your visit experience no matter what ages your kids are.

Our Services

Birthday Party

Make your children feel extra special by throwing them an awesome birthday party at ejoy , we will always do our best to give them great everlasting memory , we provide different birthday packages that suits all tastes so what are you waiting for.

Playing Joy

You can leave your children with our trustful employees to watch over them while you finish your shopping trip or your gym session , and come back to pick them up when ever you're ready.

Face Painting

Face painting is available daily at ejoy. We can make your kids happy by having their favorite character painted on their faces. 

Eating Joy

After all the fun you get at ejoy you might get a little hungry , but don't worry about that , you can enjoy a delicious meal or snack at our very own resturant called lite bites , not only that , you can even exchange your points from your ejoy card with food.

Cartoon characters Joy

You can now bring your kids to meet their favorit cartoon charcaters at ejoy , every day from  7 pm to 9 pm , think about the happiness you can give to your kids when they meet their favorit cartoon charcaters in person.





Our Survey

Said they would rate our ejoy as "Excellent"
Said "ejoy make happy to their kids"
Said "Would like to visit every weekend"

Our History

At Ejoy you can celebrate your kids birthday Party and create happy unforgettable memories with us. Enjoy the best birthday ever at ejoy and make your kid feel extra special with an extra awesome party at ejoy.

Adventure and fun are surely found in ejoy. You can find special offers for your nursery, school or even group at ejoy , we will guarantee that each and every one if you will have a great time

To spend an unforgettable weekend you must bring your kids to ejoy. Kids can meet their favorite character at ejoy daily and have the best time ever.

weather you want to celebrate your birthday , or you just want to spend your weekend playing your favorite games ejoy is always the answer , visit us today and enjoy all our amazing games , wonderful offers and awesome prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide delicious meals that suits all the members of the family , like hot dog , pizza and hamburger meals , we also provide a selection of amazing snacks like baked and fried potatoes , and last but not least our delightful desserts and smothies.

there is a selection of games that are suitable specially for toddlers , plus there is a special playing area where your toddlers can play safely under the direction and protection of our employees.

We provide a huge selection of arcade games , a climbing wall , a todlers playing area and a lot more.

yes of course you can leave your kids with one of our trustful employees , and come back to pick them up when ever your ready.

the opening hours are from 10 am to 11 pm.

you can meet them daily from 7 pm to 9 pm.

ejoy does occasionally offer some discount, and the best way to find out about them is to contact us or visit our website, where we post all the latest news including offers .

Please call us on 67011086  or you can contact to us on our official website ,we will be happy to assist you, if availability is given for the requested period.

Yes face painting is available daily at ejoy. We can make your kids happy by having their favorite character painted on their faces



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EJoy - a Family Amusement center

Visit us at ejoy and enjoy our amazing services, like the service we offer where you can leave your children with one of our amazing trustful employees to play , till you come and pick them up. In eJoy .. Your Kids Are Safe 

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Phone: +965 2495 8799